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January 18, 2006

  Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
We’ll be showing the most recent DVD of Dr. Richard Horowitz discussing his approach to Lyme Diagnosis and Chronic Lyme Disease. This is not a repeat of December’s video.  It is a Different part of his conference presentation.  About Dr. Horowitz  =>

February 15, 2006

  Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Ron Hamlen, Ph.D. will give a presentation on prevention - “How to Reduce Your Exposure to Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases on Your Person and Your Property”   About Dr. Hamlen =>

March 15, 2006

  Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Elisabeth Lucas, MD an ILADS member and Lyme literate physician will present information on Lyme disease based on her experience in her medical practice. About Dr. Lucas ==>

April 19, 2006

  Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Tom Taylor,  Myofascial Release Therapist will discuss his experience with Lyme disease, both personal and in his practice with Lyme patients.
About Tom Taylor =>   About myofascial release therapy =>

May 17, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Special presentation on antibiotics and their use in treating Lyme disease.  Doug Fearn,  LDASEPA Board VP will discuss  in layman’s terms, the various types of antibiotics and how they work against disease.                     About Doug Fearn =>

June 10, 2006

Lyme Seminar at Garnet Valley Middle School
“Lyme Disease:An Emerging Epidemic” 1-4 PM
Ann F. Corson, MD featured speaker “Medical and Social Aspects of Lyme Disease.”                      About Dr. Corson =>
Also Pat Smith, President of the national Lyme Disease Association “National Overview of Lyme Disease Issues”.   Full Program Details =>  

June 21, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Special presentation for Lyme Teens.  One or more teenagers describe their experiences with Lyme disease, how it affected their lives and families.  Bring your teen with Lyme to hear and participate in this discussion.

July 19, 2006

NOTE:  Martin Fried, MD starts at 7:00 PM
with discussion to follow.  Dr Fried, Pediatric Gastroenterologist treating Lyme, Bartonella and tick-borne diseases in private practice will present his experiences treating many patients with Lyme disease and coinfections.  About Dr. Fried =>

August 16, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Video excerpts from the May 2005 Lyme “Hope to Heal” conference, "Treating Lyme Disease Using Integrative Medicine" will be shown and discussed.
Steven J. Bock MD’s presentation will be shown.  About Dr. Bock =>

September 20, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
John Carroll, Ph.D. Microbiologist with the USDA, Animal Parasitic Diseases Lab, will be speaking about his research.  Dr. Carroll investigates methods of suppressing populations of the black-legged tick (deer tick), vector of the pathogen causing Lyme disease. Studies host-finding behavior and ecology of the black-legged tick, as they relate to tick control.

October 18, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM 
Doug Fearn, LDASEPA Board President will discuss the need for  patients to take charge of their own Lyme disease and work cooperatively with  their doctor to get well. Examples of record keeping and symptoms charting will  be discussed with handouts.  About Doug Fearn =>

November 15, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Ben Briggs RPh, IACP will be speaking.  He is a compounding pharmacist who works with Lyme literate MDs to prepare specialty medications for patients.  About Ben Briggs =>
Note new location for this meeting ONLY at Exelon in Kennett Square.          Map =>

December 20, 2006

Support group meeting starts at 7:00 PM
Rachel Miller, MS, PT, CEMT practicing physical therapist will speak at 8:00 PM on the musculoskeletal effects of Lyme disease and the physical therapy that can help patients.   About Rachel Miller =>

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