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Dr. Corson grew up in Southeastern PA, attending Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, where she earned her BA in Biology.  She spent two years in graduate school working towards a Ph.D. in Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology before moving onto medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where she earned her MD.

Dr Corson did her internship in Internal Medicine, had some Neurology training and completed a residency in Family Practice.  She is Board Certified in Family Practice and has work experience in Emergency medicine and Occupational Health.  She is a member of ILADS.

With this extensive and diverse background, Dr. Corson has a full time Lyme and tick-borne disease practice in Chester County, PA.  She has worked with Doctors Joseph Burrascano and Charles Ray Jones in their offices on grants provided by ILADS.  Working with many hundreds of patients, including children and adolescents infected with Lyme and other tick borne infections has provided Dr Corson with the both difficult and enlightening experience that makes her an expert in the field.

Dr Corson has given many presentations to a wide variety of audiences both locally and at international meeting.
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Beyond medicine Dr. Corson has interests in music, piano, medieval, renaissance and baroque recorder, horseback riding, bicycling, gardening, sailing, fishing, archaeology, and ancient history. 

Her thoughtful and engaging approach to patients and broad background has made her an excellent physician for the difficult task of treating patients with Lyme and associated co-infections.