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    ( the clinicians checklist)

 1. Multi-systemic disease  with multiple symptom presentations

    • Systemic: fatigue, malaise, chills, sweats, fever,  weakness
    • Cognitive: memory and concentration, slow  processing speed, disorientation
    • Neurologic: paresthesias, tics and twitches,  imbalance, shooting pains, headaches,  vision, hearing
    • Joints and muscles: Chest: GI: GU: Endocrine

 2. Variable severity of the illness due to multi-factorial reasons

    • Genetic predisposition
    • Environmental toxicity's
    • Other illnesses, allergies and injuries
    • Nutritional, social, spiritual

 3. Multiple organism causation often requiring multiple treatments

    • Borrelia: spirochete, L-form, cysts, buds
    • Babesia: protozoa, (?another parasite)
    • Bartonella: bacteria
    • Ehrlichia and Anaplasma: bacteria
    • Other opportunists: Candida, HHV-6, Mycoplasma

    4/15/09 presentation outline