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Now may be the right time to contact the PA legislators about the pending Lyme bills in both the house and senate.  They were introduced last year and if not approved this session will die again.

There are two bills: one sets up a task force and the the other is designed to protect patients and doctors as well as provide for insurance coverage for long term treatment.

Link to the pending bills:  =>    (opens in new page or tab)   2009-2010 session

Link to PA search page for legislators, legislation and other information:
  PA General Assembly Home Page =>   (Find your state senator and representative.)

It is vitally important that you contact your legislators.

The personal letter sent by US mail is best and most likely to be counted.  E-mail does not generally count as heavily BUT, after 9/11, email is the fastest and most reliable way to contact legislators in Washington.

How to find your legislator's address.  Senate  =>    House of Representatives =>
 is the US Senate web site that has contact information for all US Senators

 is the House of Representatives web site with contact information.

In PA go to the main Commonwealth of Pennsylvania web site - Click here.

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