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Speakers, LDASEPA and LDA members (not everyone, sorry).
Use link below for more pictures of the event.

From Left to Right: (details below)
Back Row: Virginia Sherr MD; Harvey L. Kliman; Doug Fearn; Joseph Burrascano, MD; Corey Lakin
Front: Christa Vanderbilt, Ed.D; John Maher MD; Jerri-Lynn Wier,Esq.; Pat Smith;Debbie Kliman,EdD     

We had a wonderful turnout - people from Pa, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and TEXAS! all our nearby states and beyond. The talks were excellent and the flow from national perspective to information on our hyperendemic locale and then to the medical aspects of Lyme and tick-borne diseases worked really well. Dr Burrascano answered questions for about 45 minutes! All the speakers were great and we and the audience are deeply indebted to them.

I’m sorrry to say that our recordings of the May 3 presentations, audio and video, are poor quality because we were plagued by dim lighting and local echoes near the stage. We will work on them and hope to be able to provide copies if we can produce acceptable recordings and can get permission from the speakers. You can see some of the information presented by Dr Maher on the Chester County Health Department web site Lyme pages - click here.

Link to Dr Burrascano’s Presentation.
Harvey L. Kliman, President, LDASEPA

Virginia Sherr MD, Friend; Harvey L. Kliman, PhD, President LDASEPA; Doug Fearn, Vice President LDASEPA;  Joseph Burrascano, MD; Speaker; Corey Lakin, Vice President, LDA

Christa Vanderbilt, Ed.D. Secretary, LDASEPA; John Maher MD, Director Chester Cty Health Dept; Jerri-Lynn Wier,Esq. Advisor to LDASEPA; Pat Smith, President LDA;
Debbie Kliman, EdD, Treasurer, LDASEPA