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Dr. J. Burrascano September 20, 2008

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PDF of slides for printing -7 pages
PDF Nutritional Supplements
PDF Sorting out Coinfections

Dr. J. Burrascano May 3, 2003


Dr. J. Burrascano April 24, 2004


PDF version for printing (10 pages)

Ann Corson, MD: presentation on “What Everyone Needs to Know About Children and Lyme disease”

PDF version

Dr. R. Bransfield April 24, 2004

 Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases & Psychiatry

PDF version for printing (22 pages) 

Ben Briggs, RPh (pharmacist)
 February 17, 2010

Nutritional Approach to Lyme Disease

PDF for printing (8 pages)


LDASEPA Board members presentation on Antibiotics

PDF version for printing (7 pages)

   LDASEPA VP & Science Advisor - Updated Presentation on Lyme Disease and Personal Protection     June 2014,

Dr Ron Hamlen Lyme Disease and Prevention

PDF version   (23 slides)


  Letitia Short MD 


Her practice covers Integrative Medicine, Allergy, and Specialized Medicine and Pediatrics. About Dr. Short

PDF for Printing (10 pages)

Testing & Diagnosis

  Harvey L. Kliman & Doug Fearn 7/20/05 on  Diagnosis and Testing for Lyme and Tick Transmitted diseases.

PDF for Printing (6 pages)

War on Lyme

 Doug Fearn, LDASEPA President, November 19, 2008

PDF for Printing (10 pages)

Dr Jospeh G. Jemsek 2003


Dr. John Maher, Chester County, PA Health Department Director - 2003


The first presentation was presented by Joseph Burrascano, MD on
May 3, 2003 at the Kennett Square High School for our group. 
    Meeting details click here.