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    Here's an urgent message from Pat Smith, Pres of the LDA.  She'd like to get the word out as wide as we can in PA for people to call TODAY to request the House Bill 1977 be assigned to committee.  It’s likely that if it is not assigned by Monday November 14, 2004, it's dead in the water until next year when we would have to start all over again!  

Sample Letter =>

 The House bill 1977 must be assigned in the PA Senate by Monday or it will die for the year.  Please immediately fax or call:

 Steve McNet, Esq. in the Senate Legal office 717-787-8511. 
  His office assigns the bill to a senate committee.

  Robert Jubelirer  President Pro Tem of the PA Senate:
    717 787 5490 (Phone)   717 787 9091 (Fax)

 Harold Mowery Public Health & Welfare Committee Chair
     717 787 8524 (Phone)   717 772 0576 (Fax)

 Public Health & Welfare Committee 
    Vice Chair Senator Jane Clare Ori   717 787 6538 (Phone)

 Tell them you want House bill 1977 assigned to the Senate immediately for a vote in the Public Health & Welfare Committee

  Pat Smith, President,  Lyme Disease Association, Inc.