Letter to your PA Senator

Please briefly state why the bill is important. Allude to your own situation, if pertinent, including how long-term treatment has helped you, for example, to go back to work, to school, or just be able to participate in life. Hardships you have experienced getting insurance reimbursements are important. Also, how difficult it is to get a doctor to diagnose/treat you in Pennsylvania is important. DO NOT USE YOUR DOCTOR’S NAME in the letter. People from other states can discuss their difficulty in getting a physician to diagnose/treat also. If you live outside PA and use a doctor in PA, mention that or if you live in PA and go out of state for treatment mention that.     Sign name, address, date.

We prefer original letters, but if you cannot write a letter, use the following template:

I support bill HB 1534.  I have been sick with tick borne illnesses for _____years.
I saw ________ doctors and it took _____ months/years before I was properly diagnosed.
I have spent $_________ on my laboratory testing and medications that my insurance company has refused to pay.
I lost ____ days/months/years of work/school due to my illness.
I was treated with _____ months/years with IV/IM/po meds.
I am still being treated now.
Due to long term treatment with antibiotics I have been able to/hope to be able to return to work/school.
Without long term treatment my life would be ___________.
There are not enough doctors in PA that understand how to treat these illnesses.
Again, I support this bill.