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   LDASEPA    Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

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On this page you can search the our site using the Site Map. 
When you click on the Site Map image below, a new search window will open. 

On some computers you will get a warning like the one below to allow the Site Map to run.  This is safe to run. If you have popups blocked you may have to allow popups for our site and allow the process to run a second time to do a search.

You will need to have Java installed on your computer for the Site Map to run.   The download page is linked below.

Because this site has many pages, the site structure that appears will not be very useful. 
Click on the Outline tab to see the pages in the site.  You can click on any page and go directly to that page.

Click on the Search tab to enter a word in the search box at the bottom to search the site for it.  The Site Map will list a one or more pages on which the word is in the name of that page.  It does not search within pages. Close the small window when you are done.



Run Application Warning 

It’s safe to click on Run.

Download Java here for free.


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