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Lyme Disease Symposium  - Free and open to the public
March 25, 2006   8:00 AM – 4:30 PM 
Todd Performing Arts Center Chesapeake College

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Registrations will also be accepted at the door on the day of the  Symposium.
Address:    Historic Wye Mills on Routes 50 and 213   
1000 College Drive, Wye Mills, Maryland  (Queenstown, MD 21658)

Cosponsored by:
Mid-Shore Lyme Disease Association, Inc. Chesapeake College and University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service
..."The National nonprofit Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (LDA), Jackson, New  Jersey, has provided a grant for educational support of this event." 


Dr. Joseph Burrascano “Lyme and Associated Diseases (diagnosis and treatment)”

Dr. Charles Ray Jones “Clinical Assessment of Lyme Disease in Children and Adolescents”

Dr. Ritchie C. Shoemaker “Advances in diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic Lyme Disease: understanding innate immune responses”

Dr. Robert Ding “Acupuncture in myofascial disorders”

Dr. John Fish “Nutrition and Lyme disease”

Ed Fuchs will be showing a deer feeding station which helps to kill ticks on deer, breaking the reproduction cycle and lowering the tick population.

Wayne Gilchrest’s, Chief of Staff -Tony Caligiuri will be giving a legislative update concerning Lyme disease.

Bayer Environmental Group will speak on tick biology and the system for rodent control.

Approval of Continuing Medical Education credits is pending.