The conflicting guidelines on Lyme Disease treatment issued by ILADS* and the IDSA** have created serious problems for patients with persistent or chronic Lyme disease.  This page has references to the guidelines full text and a cogent article published by Ray Stricker, MD, an ILADS member explaining the situation.  Please take the time to read this article and refer to the guidelines documents to check the details.

Check the link below to the Lyme Disease Association petition protesting the IDSA guidelines.

* ILADS - International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
** IDSA - Infectious Diseases Society of America

Link to Raphael  Stricker, MD article in the journal Clinical Infectious Disease, 2007:45 (15 July) pp 149-157  go

Link to ILADS Guidelines go

Link to IDSA Guidelines (large file)  go

According to the national Lyme Disease Association, the new guidelines published by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) are already causing patients to be denied treatment for chronic Lyme disease. The guidelines have recommended against any long term treatments, listing numerous specific antibiotic classes not to be given, listing alternative treatments and even supplements not to be offered to Lyme patients. Clinical discretion has been removed from treating physicians.

IDSA Guidelines Effectively Stopping Treatment for Lyme Patients: The national LDA has a petition for you to sign.  We ask that you, your families, and friends across the country sign this petition immediately. Lyme treatment is at stake.   
SIGN PETITION HERE  Over 24,000 so far, heading for 50,000.  Join us.

Updated 08/15/07